Kanai Original Medern Innovation




To take this opportunity, I would like to explain the origin of the word “KOMI” and the history of Institute for KOMI Theory. I haven’t had many occasions to do so; however, as the inauguration members are around the retirement age, I was urged to keep the record straight and preserve the history of our society.

The beginning of Institute for KOMI Theory was originated from a seminar, organized by The Florence Nightingale Archires. In the 1990’s, when I was a part-time lecturer the school of nursing of Japanese Nursing Association, I had a one-day lecture consisted of 4 lessons. However, the trainees were unsatisfied and requested an extension. As a result, an annual 8-day intensive course called‘ Nightingale Nursing Seminar’ was organized. In 1994, the first one was held in Ikebukuro (Tokyo) which 80 people participated. Since 1995, the seminars have been held twice a year, in Tokyo and Osaka; each has over 200 participants and always fully booked. In October 1996, an alumni association, Institute for KOMI Theory, was founded by the very first members of the course.

Let me tell you the reason why the institute was named as Institute for KOMI Care Theory, not Nightingale Research Institute. It was only because an inauguration issue of KOMI Chart and the foundation of Institute for KOMI Care Theory were both made in 1996. The word KOMI was coined from Kanai Original Modern Instrument. It was supposed be called ‘Internal Life & DailyLife activities Decision chart’ from its function, but changed to ‘Kanai Chart’ , named after the inventor instead. When I conveyed a clear sense of KOMI as ‘a way of thinking based on Nightingale philosophy’ and ‘sending messages from Japan’, all association members unanimously approved to be Institute for KOMI Care Theory.

At the annual meeting in May 2010, Institute for KOMI Care Theory was terminated after 14 years of activities, changed its name to Nightingale KOMI Care Society and would be registered as a NPO corporation. I believed this was a good opportunity to change KOMI from Kanai Original Modern Instrument to Kanai Original Modern Innovation. This change would create additional meanings to KOMI Theory and KOMI Chart as ‘innovative and modern’ Kanai theory/chart. Since its authorization, I am also considering that it would be ideal for me to revise KOMI itself in the near future.

I also would like to mention about Nightingale KOMI Care Society. You might wonder why we put Nightingale first. The answer is simple. We have always been studying the philosophy of Nightingale and it is our aim to pass it on to the future generations and hopefully develop further. Moreover, we are an organization to practice and pursue KOMI Care in order to realize KOMI and Nightingale’s philosophies. Therefore, I believe the name Nightingale KOMI Care Society is best suited to the spirit of our society.