History of Nightingale KOMI Care Society

Our previous body was a voluntary organization called Institute for KOMI Theory.

The word KOMI comes from Kanai Original Modern Innovation, which Hitoe Kanai advocated the ideology from Nightingale philosophy and modern nursing care. The previous body, Institute for KOMI Theory, organized seminars to impart skills and knowledge of KOMI, in order to put into practice onsite; issued journals to promote membership; and held academic conferences to present the results of their research and studies.

However, in May 2010, the association of members reached a consensus decision to receive an approval as a specified nonprofit corporation. The decision was made in accordance with our aim to make further contribution in improving Japanese nursing care and its practices; and to promote Nightingale philosophy and KOMI Theory to the whole society. As a result, we believed Institute for KOMI Theory completed its mission and agreed to succeed our philosophy in the newly established corporation.